Importance of DevOps

What is the importance of DevOps skills for every RHCE certified candidate?

Having originated from Unicorns like Amazon and Etsy in recent years, DevOps continues to rise in prominence across corporate IT, and for the last five years, Puppet and DORA have surveyed thousands of IT professionals to determine what impact DevOps is having on IT organizations and overall business performance.

The answer across the board has been that DevOps has had a significant and sustained impact—and this impact is becoming more tangible every year. The 2016 State of DevOps Report looked at some of the biggest questions affecting DevOps today, including issues surrounding the ROI of DevOps, the integration of security and quality into the development process, and whether DevOps is actually driving employee satisfaction in the workplace.

importance of devops

DevOps makes employees happier (and companies stronger)

One of the more interesting questions answered in the study is whether adopting DevOps principles makes employees more satisfied at work. The answer is yes: Employees at high-performing organizations were 2.2 times more likely to say their company was a great place to work and 1.8 times more likely to recommend their specific team to a friend; both figures were arrived at via use of the Net Promoter Score methodology.

Importance of DevOps – key findings include:

Open source software has become mainstream. The debate over open source is over. 57% stated that they
either “heavily rely on open source” or “have an open source first culture.” Only 9% said that they do not
rely on open source technology at all.

The open source ELK Stack is the top logging and monitoring platform compared to proprietary tools.

Cloud adoption is only getting started. 40% currently have one quarter or less of their infrastructure in the

Average salary range information for the United States segmented by experience level. Beginner DevOps engineers can earn up to $82,000 year.

Salary data segmented into five regions: the United States, western Europe, eastern Europe and Russia,
Africa and the Middle East, and eastern Asia.

Despite the popularity of alert notification systems, 57% get alerts over e-mail.

Introduction to DevOps / Puppet video

What's the importance of DevOps skills for every RHCE?

Introduction to DevOps / Puppet video