Puppet Server Managing Packages and Services

Learn how to use Puppet Server to manage packages and services. Write manifests for puppet server managing packages and services. Puppet Server is one of the most widely used configuration management tool in IT industry.

When you say to Puppet “please install some XYZ package”, then our puppet do below stuff:

  • Will check all system properties provided by facter tool.
  • Read Puppet manifests and check what packages to install.
  • After doing this, Puppet will just pass those details to these package installation tools for installation.

Puppet will restart the service it manages. The actual command used to restart the service depends on the platform and can be configured:

  • If you set hasrestart to true, Puppet will use the init script’s restart command.
  • You can provide an explicit command for restarting with the restart attribute.
  • If you do neither, the service’s stop and start commands will be used.

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