RHEL7 Installation-RHCE Virtual Training Video

Learn how to do RHEL7 installation. A complete video from our “Virtual training” series – ODOV (One Video One Day).

This a ¬†free video from our “RHCE Virtual Training” course.

In this video learn how to do RHEL7 installation. A step by step video and detailed explanation by Alok Srivastava, will help you master the small details. As usual, he tries to explain you in detail about the things you should take care while doing RHEL7 installation.

Learn how to use memtest to check your physical memory (RAM) while installing RHEL7. Also learn how to use terminal multiplexer (tmux) during installing RHEL7.

Learn how many partitions are recommended by Red Hat while installing RHEL7.

Also learn the catch in mounting /var and /usr directly on a separate file system.

This video from our ODOV virtual training serries of RHCE is to let you know how beneficial our virtual training will be.

If you are not able to join the regular classroom sessions and not able to join online sessions with us. Then these virtual training is the only solution to get trained and certified with Network Nuts and having Alok Srivastava as your trainer for RHCE.

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RHEL7 Installation Video-Click here