Puppet Server Managing Packages and Services

Puppet Server Managing Packages and Services
Learn how to use Puppet Server to manage packages and services. Write manifests for puppet server managing packages and services. Puppet Server is one of the most widely used configuration management tool in IT industry.

When you say to Puppet “please install some XYZ package”, then our puppet do below […]

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India Public Cloud Market to Rise to $4 Billion

Indian Public Cloud Market to Rise to $4 Billion
Indian public cloud market is likely to rise by more than 53 per cent to $4 billion by 2020 as the world’s fastest growing economy becomes more digitised, said Akash Ambani, Director Reliance Jio Infocomm. Making his first solo appearance at a public event, Akash, the […]

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RHCE Interview Question cron vs anacron

RHCE Interview Question Cron vs Anacron
Some RHCE Interview questions for all RHCE certified candidates appearing for interview. These RHCE interview questions are not the only questions they can expect in their interviews, but they provide a basic guidelines / jumping point from where to start.

Based on our feedback from Network Nuts RHCE certified students, […]

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Monitoring Performance of Red Hat Linux Performance Co-Pilot

Monitoring Performance Red Hat Linux using Performance Co-Pilot

Over the years, a lot of tools have been created to troubleshoot performance issues and monitoring performance Red Hat Linux or Linux systems. Tools like top , sar , iotop , iostat , iftop , vmstat , dstat , and others. However, none of these integrate with each […]

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Puppet Server Configuration

Puppet Server Configuration
Learn puppet server configuration and puppet agent configuration. Learn about various configuration files in puppet server 4.10

Learn how to establish a secure connection between puppet server and puppet agent. Learn how to accept puppet agent certificate requests. How to revoke any certificate from puppet server.


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If your aim is to clear Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) & Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Certifications. Then our RHCSA RHCE Video Training combo course is the shortest and surest way to achieve these Red Hat Certifications with minimum investment and maximum value.
Focusing on topics relevant to RHCSA & […]

RHCE Virtual Training

RHCE Virtual Training
RHCE virtual training video by Network Nuts. Network Nuts offer a very flexible, detailed and very econonical method for helping you achieve your RHCE certification.
ODOV – One Day One Video – Learn at your own pace/time/place
Its a new concept in Linux training.

Get one video a day, like a normal classroom session.

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Puppet Server Training Videos

Puppet Server Training Videos
Puppet Server Training Videos by Alok Srivastava.
Your first step in “DevOps”. Learn the importance of Puppet Server in today’s data center. RHCE level of knowledge is a prerequisite.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to DevOps & Puppet
2. Installing Puppet Server / Client
3. Writing puppet manifests
4. Using metaparameters
5. Configuring Puppet client / server architecture
6. Writing […]

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DevOps Impact on IT Industry

DevOps Impact on IT Industry
Just read that “Cognizant appears set to cut at least 6,000 jobs, which represents 2.3% of its total workforce..” This is the DevOps impact on IT industry.

Though its sad, but its the truth. Its inevitable, like death. I don’t know should I say it or not, but its going this […]

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