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Developing Advanced Automation with Ansible

Managing Enterprise Automation with Ansible Automation Platform

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    Developing Advanced Automation with Ansible

    Developing Advanced Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO374) is designed for automation content developers to leverage the new, container focused tools from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to efficiently develop automation that can be managed by the automation controller. Learn recommended practices for automation development using reusable code, advanced playbook techniques, shared execution environments, and preparing for scalable automation with the automation content navigator.

    This course is based on Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2.2.

    Course Outline: 

    • Develop Playbooks with Ansible Automation Platform 2
    • Manage Content Collections and Execution Environments
    • Run Playbooks with Automation Controller
    • Work with Ansible Configuration Settings
    • Manage Inventories
    • Manage Task Execution
    • Transform Data with Filters and Plugins
    • Coordinate Rolling Updates
    • Create Content Collections and Execution Environments
      Audience for this course:
      • DevOps engineers
      • Linux system administrators, developers
      • Release engineers
      • Other IT professionals with basic expertise using Ansible or Red Hat Ansible Engine to automate, provision, configure, and deploy applications and services in a Linux environment

    Managing Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

    Managing Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO467) is for experienced Ansible automation engineers, DevOps practitioners, and Linux system administrators seeking to deploy, control, and support centralized automation execution on a large scale. Students will use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 to scale up Ansible automation. They will deploy automation controller to centrally manage automation workflows, automation mesh to scale up and distribute execution capacity, and private automation hub to manage Ansible Content Collections and automation execution environments for use by automation developers. Large scale automation cluster design and approaches to ensure high availability of Ansible Automation Platform will also be discussed.

    This course is based on Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2.2.

    Course Outline: 

    • Install Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
      • Explain what Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is and perform a basic installation of automation controller and automation hub.
    • Manage user access
      • Create user accounts and organize them into teams/groups in automation controller and automation hub, and assign them permissions to administer and access resources in each service.
    • Manage inventories and machine credentials
      • Create inventories of machines to manage, and configure credentials necessary for automation controller’s execution nodes to log in and run Ansible jobs on those systems.
    • Manage projects and launch Ansible jobs
      • Create projects and job templates in the web UI, using them to launch Ansible Playbooks that are stored in Git repositories, in order to automate tasks on managed hosts.
    • Configure advanced job configuration
      • Configure advanced features of automation controller in order to more effectively and efficiently implement jobs.
    • Construct job workflows
      • Use advanced features of job templates to improve performance, simplify the customization of jobs, launch multiple jobs, schedule automatically recurring jobs, and provide notification of job results.
    • Manage advanced inventories
      • Manage inventories that are generated dynamically from scripts or the automation controller smart inventory feature.
    • Automate configuration of Ansible Automation Platform
      • Automate the configuration and deployment of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform services by using Ansible Content Collections, the automation controller API, and Git webhooks.
    • Maintain Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
      • Perform routine maintenance and administration of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.
    • Get insights into automation performance
      • Get information from Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to evaluate the performance of your Ansible automation and identify possible ways to improve it.
    • Build a large scale Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployment
      • Use high availability techniques and automation mesh to scale up your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployment.

    Red Hat Services Management and Automation

    Red Hat Services Management and Automation (RH358) is designed for IT professionals with some experience managing Linux systems and want to learn more about how to manage and deploy network services included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux which are particularly important in the modern IT data center. You will learn how to install, configure, and manage basic configurations of these services manually, and then use Red Hat Ansible Engine to automate your work in a scalable, repeatable manner.

    This course is based on Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1.

    Course Outline: 

    • Manage network services
      • Discuss and review key tools and skills needed to manage network services.
    • Configure link aggregation
      • Improve the redundancy or throughput of network connections of servers by configuring Linux network teaming between multiple network interfaces.
    • Manage DNS and DNS servers
      • Explain the operation of DNS service, troubleshoot DNS issues, and configure servers to act as a DNS caching nameserver or as an authoritative name server.
    • Manage DHCP and IP address assignment
      • Explain and configure services used for IPv4 and IPv6 address assignment including DHCP, DHCPv6, and SLAAC.
    • Manage printers and printing files
      • Configure systems to print to a network printer that supports IPP Everywhere, as well as manage existing printer queues.
    • Configure email transmission
      • Discuss how mail servers operate, then configure a server to use system tools and Postfix to send email messages through an outbound mail relay.
    • Configure MariaDB SQL databases
      • Discuss the basic operation of SQL-based relational databases, perform basic SQL queries for troubleshooting, and be able to set up a simple MariaDB database service.
    • Configure web servers
      • Provide web content from Apache HTTPD or Nginx web servers, then configure them with virtual hosts and TLS-based encryption.
    • Optimize web server traffic
      • Improve performance of your web servers by using Varnish to cache static content being served and HAProxy to terminate TLS connections and balance load between servers.
    • Provide file-based network storage
      • Deliver simple file-based network shares to clients using the NFS and SMB protocols.
    • Access block-based network storage
      • Configure iSCSI initiators on your servers to access block-based storage devices provided by network storage arrays or Ceph storage clusters.

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