Our Experience

Based on the experience with certain different kind of students, we thought to guide them on the resume writing tips. These are the categories of students who have crossed the age group that is required for a particular Linux Administrator L1.
We come across some students who change their line from the field of marketing, mechanical, telecom sector to the IT sector either due to interest or in pursuit of better opportunity. Some have experience but have long gap period. Gap period of more than 6 months is not appreciated in the current scenario and with the increase in gap period, things get worse.

Our Advice

My piece of advice in such a case is that first change the pattern of your CV.A conventional kind of CV will not going to work here. One way to overcome the perception that age is an issue is to AGE PROOF your CV. Limiting what you include in your resume from chronological perspective, can help the job seekers in avoiding the stigma of being considered “too old” by the prospective employee. So here are some tips for older job seekers.

Resume Tips

Ponder on some aspects of CV that have been mentioned below while preparing your own:

  • Stress on the fact that you have updated yourself with latest technology and skills needed for that profile.
  • Limit your resume only to relevant experience.
  • Don’t include dates-not necessary to mention year of passing High school or Graduation.
  • Never prepare a CHRONOLOGICAL CV. You may either opt for a functional or combinational resume.
  • Highlight your skills specifically your technical know-how.
  • Target your resume – Customize your resume for each job profile in which you are interested.
  • Never mention the reason for leaving your last profession.
  • Avoid bragging about your past accomplishments through your CV.
  • Prepare a simplified CV keeping in mind that what is in it for the recruiter.

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