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Red Hat Linux
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Best Red Hat Certified Training & Certification Partner in North India for 18 Years.

Providing Training & Certification on Red Hat Linux, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Terraform, Ansible, Git, CI/CD Pipelines, Python automation, Kubernetes, Openshift & more.

Top Courses 


Learn system administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.


Learn CI/CD with popular Devops tools like Ansible, Puppet, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes and more.

Microsoft Azure

Learn Devops automation on cloud with Microsoft Azure. It is a fast catching up technology.

Red Hat OpenStack

Manage large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, through a dashboard using Openstack by Red Hat.


Automate Red Hat Enterprise Linux tasks, using Ansible. Red Hat emerging technology.


Learn the most popular and widely used cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services. Deploy and Manage Cloud.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud and its integration with Kubernetes makes it easy to setup with a wide uses.

Red Hat OpenShift

Learn the on-premise platform as a service built around Docker containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Openshift.

Red Hat Linux, Cloud Computing & DevOps Training with Certification

Why Choose us?

At Network Nuts, weʼre right there with you from the start. We take a down-to-earth approach to teaching Red Hat Linux, Cloud Computing, DevOps technologies helping you learn, and having a bit of fun along the way. As a student, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to get certified and build a fulfilling career in the current tech space.


  • We don’t use confusing acronyms.
  • We keep learning fun and easy.
  • We strongly focus on practical with right blend on theory.



Will you help me get a job?

Since we have been operating since 2006, Network Nuts has a lot of connections in the IT industry and get vacancies daily. We will provide you with job opportunities and help you secure the job you want. 

What will you provide me?

We will provide you with training, books, exam preparation, resume building, mock interviews and training videos.

What if I do not like the training?

In case you find the training to be not upto the mark, we will be more than happy to provide you with another trainer.

What is the training method?

Our training method is completely practical. We use laptops, TVs and Projectors to deliver trainings to our candidates.

What is the minimum requirement from my side?

We expect all our candidates to have basic working knowledge of a computer and some past experience in operating a computer or a laptop.

What about refunds?

We will refund the complete paid amount minus the GST within 48 hours of the payment made in case it is required.

Free Courses

Checkout our YouTube channel for free basic Linux courses, Tips and small hacks for Linux, AWS & Devops.

Premium Courses

We provide training online, in classroom and at custom locations. We deliver 50+ courses for different IT needs.