DevOps Impact on IT Industry

Just read that “Cognizant appears set to cut at least 6,000 jobs, which represents 2.3% of its total workforce..” This is the DevOps impact on IT industry.

Though its sad, but its the truth. Its inevitable, like death. I don’t know should I say it or not, but its going this way

“DevOps or Death”

for your career.

One line in the news, that catches my attention is this:

Cognizant is said to be looking to cut roles that have become redundant due to the impact of automation on lower-end IT jobs

That clearly but not directly reflecting the impact of “DevOps” technologies being adopted by all major IT companies to cut down the cost and bring more effectiveness in maintaining modern data centers.

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I had been saying this since last 2 years,

“Simple RHCE will not help you get a job, it will not help you survive in the modern changing IT paradigm. you need to have “DevOps” skills to survive. You need to keep on investing in your skills, at least on yearly basis. Believe me, one year without learning any new IT skill, and God forbid, chances are you will see yourself on bench”.

Its the right time to go beyond RHCE. DevOps skills like:

  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • GIT
  • AWS Administration
  • OpenStack Administration
  • Dockers
  • Jenkins and many more …

are in great demand.

DevOps impact on IT industry can be felt with this. We conduct a lot of online training on Linux and opensource tools. Majority of our online training comes from USA, Australia, Singapore. The locations, where majority of data centers are. Everywhere its same. Only RHCE skill is not helping them in jobs / project. All of our overseas students are going for “DevOps” skills.

Time to wake up and act!!

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Love, Learn Linux !!