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RHCE Training

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a Red Hat course which teaches one to automate Red Hat Enterprise Linux tasks, integrate Red Hat emerging technologies, and apply automation for efficiency and innovation. This course is based on RHEL9.

RHCE Training in Delhi prepares for the EX294 Red Hat Certification.

RH294: Red Hat System Administration III (RHCE)

Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294) teaches the skills needed to manage large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently. You will learn the techniques needed to use Ansible to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration.

This course is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2.2.

Course Outline: 

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and how it is used, and install Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.
  • Describe Ansible concepts and install Red Hat Ansible Engine
  • Configure Ansible to manage hosts and run ad hoc Ansible commands
  • Write a simple Ansible Playbook and run it to automate tasks on multiple managed hosts
  • Write playbooks that use variables to simplify the management of the playbook and facts to reference information about managed hosts
  • Manage task control, handlers, and task errors in Ansible Playbooks
  • Deploy, manage, and adjust files on hosts managed by Ansible
  • Write playbooks that are optimized for larger, more complex projects
  • Use Ansible roles to develop playbooks more quickly and to reuse Ansible code
  • Troubleshoot playbooks and managed hosts
  • Automate common Linux system administration tasks with Ansible

Audience for this course:

This course is geared toward Linux system administrators, DevOps engineers, and infrastructure automation engineers who wish to master Ansible for configuration management. 

Certification: Red Hat Certified Engineer

While attending Red Hat classes can be an important part of your preparation, attending class does not guarantee success on the exam. Previous experience, practice, and native aptitude are also important determinants of success. You must practice hard to create ansible playbooks using different use cases. Our RHCE training involves working on use cases from different sectors of IT industry.

Exam format

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam is a hands-on, practical exam that requires you to undertake real-world tasks. Internet access is not provided during the exam, and you will not be permitted to bring any hard copy or electronic documentation into the exam. This prohibition includes notes, books, or any other materials. For most exams, the documentation that ships with the product (man pagest) is available during the exam. 

Scores and reporting

Official scores for exams come exclusively from Red Hat Certification Central. Red Hat does not authorize examiners or training partners to report results to candidates directly. Scores on the exam are usually reported within 3 U.S. business days.

Exam results are reported as section scores. Red Hat does not report performance on individual items, nor will it provide additional information upon request.

Exam Duration: 4 hours

Ultimate Guide for RHCE Certification

Step 1: Go through the guided practical questions in your RHCE books.

Step 2: Ensure all your concepts are crystal clear. Consult your trainer if you need anything.

Step 3: Go through the exam preparation questions multiple times. Practice sample questions at least thrice before appearing for the certification.

Step 4: Go through the EX294 Sample Exam.

Step 5: Never forget to use man pages if you get stuck or confused anywhere.

Step 6: Appear for your examination and keep a clear mind.

What do you get in RHCE Training with Network Nuts?

  1. Your RHCE Training is complete practical with focus on real life elements of using RHCE skills.
  2. The RHCE Training we provide does not only cover the official Red Hat RHCE curriculum but also tips and tricks beyond your RHCE curriculum.
  3. We have been in the training sector for more than 16 years, thus we have an excellent network of companies where we regularly place our candidates. RHCE Training with Network Nuts is the best choice for people looking for a career in Linux.
  4. RHCE Training with Network Nuts also comes with sample cover letters, sample resumes and mock interview questions.

Future after RHCE

Once you complete your training and get your certification from the best RHCE Training Institute in New Delhi, you are ready for a career in Red Hat System Administrators jobs in leading MNC firms and SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). You perform various actions such as updating systems, maintaining security, provisioning storage and avoiding downtime. Your job as a system administrator helps a company keep its customers happy, without you their infrastructure would keep failing. Your job as an RHCE System Administrator is very crucial towards the success of any IT Company.

Thousands of Network Nuts RHCE alumni have secured top system administrating positions in some of the most reputable companies in India & the world. Our Placement Assistance regularly provides job opportunities to hundreds of students that we train every month. We believe in life long job assistance so we keep on sending job opportunities to you via E-mail or WhatsApp for life time. By completing the RHCE Certification, you will be able to prove to any employer that you are capable of handling their Linux infrastructure.


What is the training Duration for RHCE Training?

The training duration for RHCE is 32 hours.

How is the training delivered?

The training can be delivered in classroom as well as online.

What are the jobs after RHCE?

There are tons of placement opportunities for freshers and experienced people after RHCE Training and Certification.

What's Included

  • Official Training
  • Official Books
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exam Preparation
  • Resume Building
  • Placement Assistance
  • Training Videos

Why RHCE Training by Network Nuts?

  • Network Nuts provides Training Labs in RHCE Training in Delhi
  • We provide guaranteed job assistance with real job opportunities.
  • Need help with Resumes? We provide our students with sample resumes.
  • Interview Questions? We have a ready 200+ question bank which all our students get.
  • We use simple explanations to ensure all the students are able to understand the concepts.
  • We conduct in class quizes using mobile apps to keep the class interesting.
  • All our trainers are full time with Red Hat Certified Instructor (RHCI) Certifications.
  • We are the oldest Training Institute in New Delhi. Network Nuts provides the best RHCE Training in Delhi.
  • We understand the importance of your time and efforts, we conduct RHCE Certification preparations to help you get that RHCE Certification.
  • We provide RHCE Training in Delhi on the latest RHEL 8 curriculum.
  • All courseware we provide for RHCE Training is official directly from Red Hat.

RHCE Course Details

  • Duration: 32 Hours
  • Number of Books: 1
  • Weekdays: Monday-Thursday
  • Weekends: Saturday-Sunday


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