Puppet Server 4.8 Introduction

Introduction to DevOps and Puppet Server. Learn how puppet will be used to manage huge data centers and large number of servers. Learn installing puppet server and puppet client.

Puppet usually runs in an agent/master architecture (specially in a production environment), where a Puppet master server controls important configuration info and managed agent nodes request only their own configuration catalogs.

puppet server 4.8In this architecture, managed nodes run the Puppet agent application, usually as a background service. One or more servers run the Puppet master application, usually in the form of Puppet Server.

Periodically (30 minutes, by default), Puppet agent sends facts to the Puppet master and request a catalog. The master compiles and returns that node’s catalog, using several sources of information it has access to.

Once it receives a catalog, Puppet agent applies it by checking each resource the catalog describes. If it finds any resources that are not in their desired state(called drift), it makes any changes necessary to correct them.

After applying the catalog, the agent submits a report to the Puppet master.

Here in this video we are going to learn how to install Puppet Server 4.8 on a RHEL machine.

Puppet Server 4.8 Video

Learn installing & starting with Puppet Server 4.8

Puppet Server 4.8 Video

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